Truck Air Conditioner (DL-2409A)

Product Description
The Split units must be powered directly from the vehicle battery. The Split air conditioning systems are made up of 3 components 
Compressor unit       Evaporator unit   Condenser unit
1. Powered by 24V vehicle carried battery or additional battery pack, continues working 4~6 hours while engine off;
2. Charges while driving, fuel saving;
3. Low and over voltage protection, ensure the vehicle can be restarted; 
4. Low and over current protection, safe;   
5. Easy installation, just need use the pipes to connect the compressor, condenser and the evaporator; 
6. Wide range of applications: construction equipment, Industrial Equipment, agricultural equipment, light &heavy duty trucks, Cranes, Forklifts, mobile workshops, and any other equipment at 10-15cbms cooling space;

 Model name                        DL-2409A
 Rated input voltage                        24VDC
 Style                        Split Air Conditioner
 Rated cooling capacity                        2200W/7500BTU
 Cooling input power                        840W
 Cooling rated current                        35A
 Input voltage                        DC 20~32V
 Refrigerant                        R134a
 Compressor style                        DC Scroll Compressor
 Compressor assembly size (mm)                        350 x 186 x 241
 Evaporator unit size (mm)                        535 x 230 x 140
 Condenser unit size (mm)                        620 x 350 x 110