About Us

Guangdong Topleader Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. is a member of TOPLEADER GROUP, which is one of the highest quality, most reliable and very honorable Chinese vendor groups, serving the worldwide community. As the first VIP vendor in the industry, we offer high-quality, energy-efficient and environment-friendly RV-air conditioner units, and other high-technology products and services. As an example, our newly developed air conditioner unit is the first unit ever powered from a standard vehicle battery. That means you can still enjoy the cool comfortable air even after you turn-off the engine. 
The Topleader Group currently owns and operates three companies in China. Our long established company manufactures LED lighting products, our second, newly formed company, manufactures the earlier-referenced air conditioning units used in recreational vehicles and trucks, and our third company focuses on importing and exporting of targeted products. We also have a company in the USA, including a warehouse, which promotes and serves our products in the USA. 
We are also going to set up more overseas members, welcome to become our 2rd and 3rd overseas company in your area. As the first VIP vendor from Made-in-China stage, what we can do is not just manufacture product, but also the related research, development, drawing, prototyping and sampling. We can help you realize your dreams and develop your ideas. 
We believe that you can find good vendor / partners from China, and Topleader Group can be one of your top vendor choices from China, owing to our sincere endeavor, professional experience and the service of high-quality. 
If you are interested in any of our product ranges, please feel free to contact us for further details! Sincerely welcome our clients to cooperate with us, build up rewarding partnerships. Let's together, get started to create a bright future!